About Us

About Us
Proudly serving Qatar from 1970
Over many decades, the face of Qatar’s deserts have seen the unrelenting passion and heard the pounding heartbeats of those who strived to make the country what it is today. As one of the largest growing states in the Gulf, Qatar has been evolving at an exponential pace challenging global economies in trade, business, commerce and sport. The future of the nation has been warranted by business groups that have, for long, served the homeland by pursuing an undying ambition - the creation of jobs in multiple sectors, the cultivation of a healthy customer base and the development of intuitive products.

Bradma Group of Companies has been an ardent custodian of this reality since 1970. By delivering pioneering efforts and reaping due rewards in varying business sectors, the group has shone through the ranks among Qatar’s elite enterprises. Formerly called Abdulla Ali & Sons’, the group was established by the late Mr. Abdulla Ali Al Mannai, as a proponent of fine produce and exceptional services. One of the first founding companies of the group was Al Shimal Contracting, Trading, Real Estate and Document Clearance Co. As visions and strategies materialised, the firm moved onto the consumer food sector, Abdulla Ali & Sons’ Foodstuffs Co.

Today Bradma stands as a pillar of heritage, diversity and strength in FMCG, building materials, electrical, trading, contracting, food, retail, automotive parts, Aluminium and steel & glass fabrication sectors. Ushered by the vision of Mr. Khalid Abdulla Mathar Al Mannai at the helm and the managerial prowess of group chairman, Mr. Hashim Kunduvalappil Lambeth, the company promotes an indomitable stance for progress.

Mohammed Hafiz
Chief Executive Officer
To uphold a robust character of resoluteness and consistency in the stride towards becoming the best group in the country and delivering unrivalled quality, business and satisfaction to the clientele.

Our Mission
To strategically construct and achieve the organizational goal of parity in all ventures and to study further and expand into untapped markets through meticulous planning, employee understanding and skill development.
Executive Team