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Over many decades, the face of Qatar’s deserts have seen the unrelenting passion and heard the pounding heartbeats of those who strived to make the country what it is today. As one of the largest growing states in the Gulf, Qatar has been evolving at an exponential pace challenging global economies in trade, business, commerce and sport. The future of the nation has been warranted by business groups that have, for long, served the homeland by pursuing an undying ambition - the creation of jobs in multiple sectors, the cultivation of a healthy customer base and the development of intuitive products.



Qatar’s food products and supply chain market has been witnessing the expansive growth of Bradma Qatar Food for over four decades. With zero compromises on food handling, preparation, packaging and sales, Bradma sets high standards with superior quality and positive customer feedback. With scores of wholesale, distribution and retail outlets and an array of restaurants and supermarkets, that has sustained successfully even during the blockade situation, Bradma has built a reputable food brand, the world can simply rely on.



Bradma Group of Companies indulged in the promising sector of automobile trade in 2008 with Central Auto Parts. The business handles complete replacement parts for a wide variety of car manufacturers across the globe. Each Central Auto Parts unit houses exclusive OEMs for all international automobile brands with efficient support staff, a state-of-the-art garage and high-end diagnosis equipment. Our garages offer thorough and extensive checks and provide spare parts for engines, transmission, brakes, chassis and automobile electrical systems.


Building Materials

Bradma Qatar building materials are widely available in ten outlets all over Qatar. Electrical items, industrial items, plumbing tools, kitchen fittings, scaffolding, safety equipment, etc. are some of Bradma’s high quality products being utilised in the construction sector. Apart from material showrooms and lighting supplies, contracting and Aluminium fabrication are also undertaken by our team of skilled engineers and reliant workers.

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